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March 2018
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  911 - First Responders

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Број порука : 63
Age : 46
Локација : Melenci
Registration date : 22.08.2008

ПорукаНаслов: 911 - First Responders   Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:35 am

911 - First Responders

For the first time in games of series Emergency all missions are consolidated in uniform campaign in which course you should cope with consequences of 20 large accidents, carrying out of in passing additional tasks. Flooding, fires, road failures, earthquakes, air crashes, acts of terrorism ? in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or at night, in any weather and at any time year salvors should be ready to come to the rescue. Europe, America, the Near East, Antarctica ? you should be in time everywhere where there was a trouble.
Accurate planning of the actions, correct distribution of people and engineering, the control over the operation budget ? all is the important constituents new Emergency. However key always was and will be ? rescue of people. Playing, you should fight for the most important value ? a human life. It that removes Emergency 4 for borders habitual RTS. That allows the player instead of the banal: «About, yes! I have made all» with pride to say: «Yes, I have rescued all».

Features of game:
- 20 saturated missions with possibility of a free choice the player of ways of passage;
- Rescue operations worldwide, including the Near East and Antarctica;
- Intuitively clear interface and the simplified management;
- New system of micromanagement, the intragame adviser and complete tutorial;
- Improved graphic cursor allows to display change of weather, time of days, dynamic illumination and difficult shades;
- New units and means ? automatic scouts, saving planes for marine operations and others;
- Realistic physics of objects and materials ? the shock wave knocks people down, damages engineering and constructions, can fall under own weight and so further houses;
- Realistic physics of fire;
- Cooperative passage of missions;
- Editor of scenarios for creation mod, own campaigns and missions.

How to install:
1. Unpack Release
2. Mount Image using latest daemon tools or burn it
3. Play the game (DVD dont have to be mounted/Inserted)

Information on game:
>> Name: 911: First Responders
>> Genre: Simulation
>> Platform: PC
>> Developer: Sixteen Tons Entertainment
>> Publisher: Atari
>> Language: Eng
>> Sustem requirements: Pentium 1.7 Mhz the RAM: 512 MB the Video card: 128 MB





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911 - First Responders
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